Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender Now Available in iOS!


Dear all fellow Enthreans. We’re going to announce you a really joyful news. Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender, our collaboration game with Hinocyber is available on iOS now. Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender is an action RPG game about the adventure of a sword mage named Elena. Now, Elena will come to your iOS for only USD 1,99.

You can download it here:

Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender tells a story of the adventure of a sword magician named elena. she lost her family because of a mysterious dark magician’s deeds. The dark magician also spreads chaos and nightmare to the land. Elena trained hard in order to take revenge and bring back peace to the land...

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Mbaktin ~ Collaboration Game About Mangosteen

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Dear all fellow Enthreans, we’d love to announce that one of our collaboration games now is up. The game is named “MbakTin”. This game is made accidentally by four people from four different game studios. They are Frida Dwi (Artist) from Agate Jogja, Gathot Fajar (Programmer) from Creacle Studio, Dennis Adriansyah Ganda (Designer) from Amagine Interactive, dan Jasson Prestiliano (Sound Composer) from Enthrean Guardian. We are joined in GameLan Jogja, a communityof game developers in Yogyakarta and Central Java, Indonesia.

For now, you can download and play it for free:

Download MbakTin for Android

Download MbakTin for Windows Phone

We are on progress for other platforms.

Mbaktin has simple game play. You should tap the screen on the mangosteen in a set of time...

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RIMID 01 ~ A Tale of A Frog Girl

Title screen

Dear all fellow Enthreans, do you like Shooting Game? Like Action Game? Like Survival Game or…. you like all of them? Well, looks like our upcoming game suit you well… Rimid: Bugs Army. This game is developed by one of our guardians, Tanaka Bayu Mukti, or also known as Flareia, helped by some people from RPG Maker Indonesia and a fresh and rising game music composer, Febrian Prayoga. This game is in the last stage of development now, so we can expect to play this game fully by the end of this month.

Rimid is cute girl with Frog costume who live in bugs world. A frog who live a peaceful life with bugs is rare isn’t it? But, everything changed when a bug start to play prank and disturb her...

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