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Dear all fellow Enthreans, we’d like to announce that one of our games, BITEC ~ Edu Games is up and can be played by us. We are cooperated with BITEC and GamesOne to let this game comes true.  This game can be played for free by clicking:

This game is made for everyone. BITEC ~ Edu Game provides several house problems to be solved by various BITEC tools. In the first level, we only have to choose one tool, while in second level, we should choose two kinds of tools to fix the problem and the last level needs three kinds of tools. This game is educating us what tools can be used to solve a problem. So, if you have known the tools to be used, you can overcome this game easily. The game is provided in Bahasa Indonesia.

To play this game, first, we can choose one of three levels.


After that we should read the instruction carefully and click “check button” when we’ve understand it, because there’s no feature to come back or to load the instruction again. Click the tool box on the upper left side to open it.


The score will be like a countdown, so we can choose the right tools as fast as you can. If we choose the right tools, we will get an animation, click the “check button”.


After several problems, we’ll be led to the high score table. Try to get as high as we can.


This game is come to your house by the great work of our crews. Meet Wirawan Istiono, the programmer, he make the great program to let the game comes alive. Also Vincensius Suriantoso as the artists, his artworks are great and close enought to BITEC tools . And Jasson Prestiliano as the audio designer, both background music and sound effects. He’s also the game designer along with Andika Priyandana.

Last but not least, we hope you can enjoy this game, play more and give us feed backs, so we can serve you more. Contact us if you need any adver games or any other games. Keep in touch with us and cheers.

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