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Enthrean and DigitalOne

Dear Fellow Enthreans, we’d like to announce you a new partnership between Enthrean and DigitalOne. Here’s the forewords from GamesOne representatives about our cooperation and affiliation.

Dear fellow Enthreans,

I, Andika Priyandana as the representation of DigitalOne gladly announce a strategic partnership with Enthrean Guardian to deliver fun to millions of Indonesian audiences.

Enthrean and Desain.Com Prototype

Dear fellow Enthreans, let us inform you that we have made a prototype for a unity 3d game project. It’s still only a simulation and feature testing, such as day-night switch, rain switch, compass, map and teleport.

We are still preparing for the project before we work for that. It’s a long long journey though…

Let’s see this video:

Enthrean and GameLevelOne

As a studio which majority of its developer located remotely, we are committed in providing quality games. Therefore, we are proud to announce our collaboration with GameLevelOne in providing quality game developers.