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Update Terbaru Eremidia: Dungeon!

Dear sobat Enthrean semuanya. Masih ingat khan dengan game kita yang sudah cukup lama dirilis dulu, yaitu Eremidia: Dungeon! yang merupakan RPG bernuansa dungeon crawler yang dikerjakan oleh tangan dingin seorang Riyan Wijaya atau sering disebut dengan Richter_h. Saat ini kita akan membaca log dari Richter_h mengenai update terbaru Eremidia: Dungeon! langsung dari sudut pandang Richter_h. Yuk kita ikuti bersama.

Richter_h disini,

Sudah tiga tahun lebih Eremidia: Dungeon! digarap, tapi perkembangannya masih di Act 1. Walau konten Act 2 sudah 50% siap, ane masih ada pekerjaan yang mesti diselesaikan IRL…

Tapi, walaupun begitu ane ada rencana untuk rilis demo terbaru dengan perombakan besar dan roster lebih terbatas, tapi tidak dalam waktu dekat. Demo ini nantinya untuk mengetes fitur baru selain untuk memperbaiki fitur lama, dan memperkenalkan lebih jauh karakter yang termasuk dalam Starter 12.


Enthrean’s Reflection on 2014


Dear all fellow Enthreans, we want to share you what we’ve got along 2014.  We want to share the bittersweet of our journey. Let’s check it out together.


We have not so many released games on 2014, but we have released some of our best works this year. Begin with Morin ~ Lapis Selai & Jelly on February, 24th 2014, a game about time management in a cake shop. After that we released a masterpiece with Hinocyber, Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender, a mobile action Role Playing Game (RPG) that can be played on BB10, iOS and Android. Then we released an education game for using building tools, the game is titled Bitec ~ Edu Game on June 16th, 2014. A great six-hours game to made is

Eternal Grace Post Mortem part 01

Dear fellow Enthreans, today we want to share something related to Eternal Grace project. Although we didn’t seem to make progress lately about this title, this game is still our very first game released by us; Enthrean Guardian. We put so much of our time, patience, love, passion into the project, that we hope everyone that play would feel great.

However, the title currently “stopped” at episode 1 at the moment, and we’ll let you know what’s the reason behind it and what are our thoughts as well in this post mortem. Hopefully you will find this article interesting to read, both to our players or fellow game developers.

We will separate the articles into several parts, and now as the first part, we want to share you a long story about how Eternal Grace started from a mere scratch, from a mere high school boy’s dream. So let’s take a deep breath…