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Fun Facts ~ Selene and Selina

Selene and Selina

Dear Fellow Enthreans, do you guys remember our Selene and Selina? You should’ve found them while playing our very first game, Eternal Grace. These twins played important role in the game. Both of them has brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Despite their childlike look, actually they’re old enough to be called teenagers.

Deeper With Enthrean (Part 2)


Enthrea has four common races.They are Manusia, Revan, Drak and Selza.

Manusia more commonly known as “the Human Race”, is the newest race of Enthrea, having appeared only about eight hundred years ago.In this short time, however, they have become one of the most common races.

Deeper With Enthrea (Part 1)


Enthrea is a planet that is not round like Earth. Each continent that has hexagonal form is called Plate. Each plate has an upper and lower side; thePillar is located in the center on the lower side, while Enthrean’s people live on the top. The Pillar is a nature construction that has huge energy to form the atmosphere of Enthrea, so it can prevent the strike of any outer space material that is approaching the Planet.

Enthrea has seven continents, each upon its own tectonic plate. The continents are known as FoneGiuvirIsu, LiziSorgovilSoxuv and Xiril.