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Eremidia: Dungeon! Got The Citizen Choice Award on GDG 2014!


Dear all fellow Enthreans, after we got the Baidu Top 10 Local Apps for Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender along with Hinocyber at the Start Up Asia Jakarta 2014, now we’ve got more fabulous news What is it? Along with RPGMakerId (RPG Maker Indonesia), we’ve got the Citizen Choice Award for one of our respective games, Eremidia: Dungeon! This title is awarded in the event called GDG (Game Developer Gathering) 2014 at UMN (Universitas Multimedia Nusantara) Serpong, Tangerang on Saturday, December 6th, 2014.

GDG is a non-profit annual event dedicated for the growth of game industry ecosystem in Indonesia and its surrounding regions. The goal of GDG is to create a melting pot for studets, game developers, game publishers, investors, and media to meet, network, collaborate, motivate and innovate. The expectation that through these interactions, GDG could nurture a better ecosystem and accelerate the growth of Indonesia’s game industry.

We have a very interesting report from the creator of Eremidia: Dungeon, Riyan Wijaya or also known as richter_h. Here’s richter_h’s journey log: Game Developers Gathering 2014, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, Gading Serpong, check this one out.

Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender become One of Top 10 Baidu (Mobo Market) Local Apps!

Kitaria in Startup Asia

Dear all fellow Enthreans. We have a great news for you all. Our collaboration game with Hinocyber, Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender, has been awarded as Top 10 Local Apps from Baidu (Mobo Market). This is an honor for us.

Baidu cooperating with Tech in Asia held a competition called “Top 50 Local Apps”. In this application will be chosen 50 best application based on the amount of download at Mobomarket in seven days. After that from the chosen 50, the judges chose the top 10 of them. Application who enters the Top 10 will be promoted by Baidu, given the recommendation as “Daily Best Apps” and the developer given a chance to attend the Startup Asia Jakarta 2014.

Kitaria in Startup Asia 2

This 10 apps will be given a place in Baidu and Mobomarket booth in Startup Asia Jakarta that held on November 26th until 27th, 2014. The developer of those applications are also very enthusiastic to introduce and promote their applications before the audiences and visitors of Startup Asia Jakarta 2014. Here are the to 10 local apps 2014: Kakatu (Kids Launcher), Siaga Banjir, Kuis Tegar : Tebakan garing, Backpacker Toolkit, Jumping Panda : Run And Survive, Easytune, Roly Poly Penguin, Sakitnya dimana : Disini, Kitaria Heroes : Forces Bender, dan Tales of Marble.

We have some coverage about this:

We hope this can make your day. Cheers.

Eremidia: Dungeon! Got Runner Up in OMEGA Award!

Dear fellow Enthreans, We’d like to announce you a great news, one of our game, Eremidia: Dungeon! become runner up of OMEGA Award, for Local Games Award in PC Games Category. You can found it in OMEGA vol. 122 that is published on January, 2014. We are so amazed with this news. We hope this year we can bring more enjoyment into your house.