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Global Game Jam 2015 Jogja Fun Facts


Dear all fellow Enthreans, as you’ve known, some of our Guardians we were joined in Global Game Jam 2014 at Yogyakarta or Jogja, Indonesia. The venue is in Jogja Digital Valley (JDV) Yogyakarta. We got so many great experiences and full of happiness there. We want to share about many fun facts of the Global Game Jam 2015 at Jogja. Let’s starts.

Fun Facts ~ Selene and Selina

Selene and Selina

Dear Fellow Enthreans, do you guys remember our Selene and Selina? You should’ve found them while playing our very first game, Eternal Grace. These twins played important role in the game. Both of them has brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Despite their childlike look, actually they’re old enough to be called teenagers.