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Nantikan Enthrean di Pameran IN.GAME 2015


Hallo sobat Enthrean semua, kami saat ini sungguh berbahagia karena kami mendapatkan kesempatan emas menjadi salah satu dari 24 game developer yangakan memamerkan karya kami di acara yang sangat menarik bertajuk Indonesia Indie Game Festival atau sering disingkat IN.GAME. Acara ini akan diadakan di Jogja Digital Valley (JDV) pada tanggal 13-16 Agustus 2015. Namun untuk pamerannya, diadakan pada tanggal 13 Agustus 2015 saja. Jangan lupa, acara ini gratis lho, buruan cek website resmi IN.GAME atau fans page IN.GAME di facebook agar mengetahui informasi-informasi terkininya.

Unipin’s New Look with Double Reward Points!!


Dear all fellow Enthreans, after you can buy Rimid: Bugs Army with Unipin, now Unipin has a great news for you all. It’s been more than a half of the first month since 2015 started, as promised, our affiliation, UniPin will give you, their loyal costumers, a very very big change. So? What’s the updates? Let’s check this out :


  1. New website look  : Simpler, Cooler , Fresh from before (  ).
  2. New rewards added : More Gaming gear added as a reward.
  3. New Live Chat at UniPin website : Simple Live Chat added at UniPin website to make easier contact with Unipin’s Customer Care.

And to celebrate our big update, UniPin proudly presents :


Let’s Join Global Game Jam 2015!


Dear all fellow Enthreans, we want to announce you something special to begin this year. Its here again! Global Game Jam 2015! We are excited to announce that we will join this even together with Jogja Developers at Jogja Digital Valley on Friday 23th January 2015 until 25th January 2015.

Excited to join us at Yogyakarta too? Register here immediately: and don’t forget to register here too so your name will be exist globally as one of global game jam game developers. And also you can browse over the sites to know more about Global Game Jam. Hurry up! The registration will be closed on January 19th 2015.