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Cruna Aktrid 01 ~ The Chronicle of The Azure Star

Cruna Aktrid Logo

Dear fellow Enthreans, Enthrean Guardian and Creative Gamemaker would like to announce one of our upcoming game, Cruna Aktrid. Now, Cruna Aktrid has released a Demo! The demo consists of 2 hours or more of gameplay. Several Cruna Aktrid characters have made an appearance in Eremdia Dungeon! Cruna Aktrid is made by the game development club of Canisius College of Jakarta. Its main purpose is to experience how a real game development goes. A very ambitious game from a group of high schoolers.¬†Cruna Aktrid is an RPG presented by One of Enthrean Guardian’s programmers, wltr3565 a.k.a. Jason Vendy with his fellow schoolmates and other friends, working as a team. It features unique battle system closer to strategy RPGs, but plays as normal RPG.

Download the latest version of CRUNA AKTRID DEMO.

You can also visit the game’s RMN page at: !

Renegade Death 02 ~ Stage 1 Demo is Released!


Dear Fellow Enthreans, Enthrean Guardian and also Hinocyber would like to announce that our upcoming game, Renegade Death has released its Stage 1 Demo. You can try the very first level of Leina’s adventure.

You can watch the video for the Stage 1 Demo here:

You can try the Stage 1 demo of Renegade Death by downloading this file:

Renegade Death ~ Demo Stage 1 (32.22 MB)

Eremidia: Dungeon! 03 ~ Version 1.0RC1 is Coming!



Dear fellow Enthreans, we’d like to announce a great news about one of our upcoming game, Eremidia: Dungeon! Along with the hard work of Riyan Wijaya and team, we’d like to announce the pre-release version of this game. Let we read from his report.

Road to 1.0RC1

After close beta testing a.k.a. deploying 0.9 in local network, Eremidia: Dungeon! now is one step closer to its 1.0 version. However, many things to be done so that’s why it’s labeled as Release Candidate. Suggestions and feedbacks from testers has made the game to be better, cleaner, has slightly better learning curve for new players.