Enthrean as the Facilitator at Game Development Training in Semarang


Dear all fellow Enthreans. We had a great experience in Semarang, Central Java and we like to share it. We were invited by Dinas Perindustrian dan Perdagangan Provinsi Jateng (Department of Industry and Trade of Central Java) to share about game development and to train the participants how to make a good game with Unity in six days from March 23rd until 28th, 2015. Most of the participants in the event are students from universities around Semarang. Although most of the participants are new to game development, but we had great time learning together and have some fun too, of course. Check out our daily report below.


On the first day, we share about Game developing and how to start a good start up. We share our experience in game development and encourage the participants to never afraid to start build a path in game industry since Indonesian Creative Industry is Growing lately.

We also asked the participants to make a group and discuss a game design with same theme, Vertical Shooter. We also asked them to present design they made in front of everyone. We found many potential design that can be a great game if they are well managed.


On the second day, we share all about job desk in game development. We see the participant still enthusiast and ask us many things from game developing to how to pick a good game for children. On the same day, we also asked all group established in first day to pick who gonna be artist, programmer, and composer for the game they designed. Here we also give them basic of Game Making and introduce them with Artwork making, start from character sprites, environment, and GUI (Graphical User Interface).

We also start giving programming sample for the Vertical Shooter game. The participants that interested in Programming try the code with no hesitate and start to make designed game with a bit help of our team.

Third day, looking at how enthusiast the participants in game developing, we decided to do Developing Simulation and help them make their game. Here we saw how these participants show their awesome skill in developing. They never hesitate to ask us to help them fix some error in their code and art. On the same day, we also discussing about how game affect children and how to fix the over addiction of games on break time. We do the Development Simulation until the last day and we see many wonderful idea made by the participants.


After some days of Developing. We finally arrive at the Presentation Day! We saw all progress from the 2nd day until the 6th day and we can’t wait to see all prototype made by the participants. We asked the groups one by one to present their game and we had great time. We found that prototype made the participants are wonderful and funny. We learn many things and get a lot of new friends in that event. Our team have fun and enjoy their time learning together with the participants. We also like to thank The Department of Industry and Trade for invited us and we hope there are more event like that so we can learn more and share more so we can build a good Creative Industry in Game Developing for Central Java and Indonesia. Cheers.

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