Enthrean Coverage for Toys & Game Republic 2014


Stand Enthrean TSM

Dear all fellow Enthreans, we’d like to tell you our story when we participate in Toys & Game Republic 2014, on 19 until 21 of December 2014 at Trans Studio Mall, Bandung. We’ll also announce the Winner of Renegade Death’s Demo Review Competition and Enthrean Radiance’s Demo Review Competition. So, keep up to read until the very last sentence.


We opened a booth near the entrance of the event venue. Our team are consist of Raymond Christian Andersen or ice_ghost90 (Enthrean Guardian’s Representative from Salatiga), Syahroni Musthofa or Ron’d Child (Enthrean Radiance), Riyan Wijaya or richter_h (Eremidia:Dungeon!), Kuro (RPGMakerId), and Regiana Prasetya or reijubv (Renegade Death). They are called themselves The Enthrean: Party of Five Stronk Men (Stronk is a parody of Strong).


They prepare the our booth, take care of it and share to the visitors about our games and our demo games. Three days from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. each day. They also let the visitors try our games. We are happy because our booth has many visitors and the visitors are enthusiast to try our games and demo games. So many questions they ask and so many appreciation they give to us. Although we didn’t get any award and very tired there, but we are really moved by the visitor’s enthusiasm about our games and that made us keep our strength and spirit to give the best.

Stand Enthrean TSM2

Renegade Death’s Demo Best Reviews

Keith Bunardy

Before I come here, I heard a bit about Renegade Death. I didn’t expect to much before try this game, but when I tried, its fun and beyond my expectation.

I like the way you created background for this game using Parallax Effect, with trees at the front and ocean at back. The water reflection make it more like Child of Light. But you need to put more color tone for the trees, also you need to fix trees on the front layer, it kinda bother me when passed. You need to pay attention on how to place object in front layer, so it won’t bother in game.

About control, overall, its good and more responsive than i expected. There are small bugs like A,S,D skills can’t be cast when moving, but it’s not a big problem. But if you want to make the action better, you should decrease recovery time when skills cast and after skills cast. You can see the effect when facing boss. Its really difficult and hard to do manuver. I prefer fast responsive time like in Fairy Bloom Fresia or Dust : Elysian Tail. Attack animation in this game is good and informative control introduction.


Maulana Mahardika Putra

From the demo i played, i can’t guess story of this game, but from game play, i can guess the main character is an Angel of Death. The game play of this game is interesting and you can still expand it.more. Combo still continue even main character damaged, it is better if you stop the combo when damaged and some combo better named (reference : Skullgirl).

Because still demo, there is no story. Enemies can be passed without need to kill them. Real challenge shows up when facing boss. Overall, this game have potential to be expanded, mostly in story. By the way, the light effect too bright.


Enthrean Radiance’s Demo Best Reviews

Davi Evananda

Menu Interface is good enough, exciting battle system, cool, different than other RPG. Keyboard button can’t be changed, a bit uncomfortable for keyboard user. But above all, this game is good. I can’t talk much about the story, but i hope keyboard config can be changed


Arya F. D

When i played this game, i can say that this game is unique for 2D RPG, unsual battle system, usually 2D RPG use turn base battle system. Theres also unique minigame in this game. Because i tried it just for a while, i can’t talk much about this game, but 1 thing, i think this game is worth to play. Hope there is more features and if theres a chance, i’d like to try to play full released version of this game

Congratulations for all the best reviewers, and thank you very much for all of the reviewers. We still need your support so our game will be known more by the gamers. Keep in touch with our game updates. We hope we can participate event like this again. See you on the next event.


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