Enthrean in Game Developer Gathering 2015 Yogyakarta

Cover Enthrean GDG

Dear all fellow Enthreans. Here we are in Game Developer Gathering (GDG) 2015 Yogyakarta. We are so happy that we will meet with you in GDG 2015 at Atma Jaya University, Yogyakarta. Enthrean got a booth and we bring our upcoming sidescrolling game, Renegade Death to be played by the visitors.


Beside the exhibition, we also participate in start up clinic. The event made us understand more about the game industry and how to sustain in it. Also, we meet with many fellow game developers from many places in Indonesia. That encourages us to create more and better games.

Here’s some of the coverage of GDG 2015 Yogyakarta:

It’s very fabulous and great! Thank you for the commitee and the community. Thank you for your visits and feed backs for our ‪games. Hope we can meet again in next event.

Here’s some of our pictures to share our happiness there (click to enlarge):

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