Enthrean join The 4th Toys & Games Republic 2014!

Poster TGR 4-The Republic

Dear all fellow Enthreans, we’d love to announce that we will open a booth in 4th Toys & Game Republic (TGR) on 19 until 21 December 2014 at Trans Studio Mall (TSM), Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. TGR is the biggest toys and games exhibition in West Java, founded and organized by Clover. This exhibition will also followed by some of game developers from Indonesia. Enthrean will show some completed games, demo games and also held an interesting competition! Don’t miss it!

Visit and try our games that will be shown there, the completed games are:

  1. Eremidia: Dungeon! a collaboration game with RPG Maker Indonesia. This game just got Citizen Choice Award in Game Developer Gathering 2014.
  2. Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender, a collaboration game with Hinocyber. This game just got Baidu Top 10 local apps and went to Start Up Asia 2014.
  3. Many other PC and Mobile games that we prepared.


While the demo games we prepared are:

  1. Renegade Death, about a young death angel called Leina. Overcome the stages and find the boss within an action sidescroller game.
  2. Enthrean Radiance, An Action RPG about trust, betrayal, and hardships. Weave through emotional storyline and save the world of Enthrea from brink of destruction!

Also wait for some interesting competitions or challenges that will we do there or by online. Always check your facebook to get the latest news from us. See you at TGR, cheers!

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