Enthrean Quiz 1 ~ Get 3 Free Eternal Grace Episode 1 Keys

Dear Fellow Enthreans, we’d like to hold a quiz for you with the prize 3 free Eternal Grace Episode 1 keys. Everyone can follow this quiz by answering simple RPG (Role Playing Game)-related questions accurately and as quick as you can.

For your Information, Eternal Grace is our very first game that runs in PC platform. It’s an RPG with action battle system, filled with emotional element of inter-character relationship, sets in the world that almost being destroyed. Eternal Grace also has  Hexabattle mini game where you can collect Hexacards and battle against AI (Artificial Intelligence) on the game. This card battle game can be as addictive as any other Casual Online Game. However, the RPG side of this game is also thick and deep so you will feel some classical RPG experience while playing this game.

Okay, here are the questions:

1. Who is the main character of Final Fantasy VI who have skill to paint monsters?

2. What is the Japanese title for “Sword of Mana”?

3. In Tales of Phantasia, who is the half-elf character who wield great magic power?

You have two ways to win this quiz:

  1. Via Twitter, follow @enthrean, and tweet the right answers, don’t forget to mention @enthrean and give #enthreanquiz1 in your tweets.
  2. Via Facebook, Like the page http://www.facebook.com/enthrean and comments on this news link that we put there.

We are going to give 3 Eternal Grace Episode 1 keys for three fastest participants with right and complete answer. We’ll announce the winners below on this news once the winners were chosen and also a direction in order to claim your prize. We’re looking forward for your participation.


Congratulations for The Winners

Quizz Answers:

1. Relm Arrowny (リルム・アローニィ, “Rirumu Arōnii”)
2. 新約 聖剣伝説 — Shin’yaku Seiken Densetsu
3. Arche Klein (アーチェ・クライン , “Aache Kurain”)

The Winners:

  1. Gunawan Tan (the fastest)
  2. Julianto Kurniawan (the most complete)
  3. Wendy Lightbringer (the most accurate)

How to Claim your Eternal Grace Episode 1 Key:

1.  Download Eternal Grace Episode 1 from http://enthrean.com/games/eternal-grace-episode-1/

2. Install it and Run it, check the Serial Number (don’t forget to use keyboard for the controller, not mouse)

3. Copy the serial number and send to our email ( admin[at]enthrean[dot]com) with subject: “Enthrean Quiz 1 Winner”, don’t forget to write your identity within the email.

4. We’ll reply you with the activation key.

5. Insert the Activation key and click Activate.

6. Enjoy your Eternal Grace.

Wait for our another quiz next month :D

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