Enthrean’s Reflection on 2014


Dear all fellow Enthreans, we want to share you what we’ve got along 2014.  We want to share the bittersweet of our journey. Let’s check it out together.


We have not so many released games on 2014, but we have released some of our best works this year. Begin with Morin ~ Lapis Selai & Jelly on February, 24th 2014, a game about time management in a cake shop. After that we released a masterpiece with Hinocyber, Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender, a mobile action Role Playing Game (RPG) that can be played on BB10, iOS and Android. Then we released an education game for using building tools, the game is titled Bitec ~ Edu Game on June 16th, 2014. A great six-hours game to made is Mbaktin Manggis, a parody game about mangosteen’s skin’s extract that is famous in our country for a while, we are released it on Mobile platform along with Amagine Interactive, Agate Jogja, and Creacle Studio. One of our guardians, Tanaka Bayu Mukti or often called Flareia released his cute action shoot’em up game, Rimid: Bugs Army, you can get it with only IDR 15.000. Also, Tio Allin Subiantoro or known as TheoAllen or Theodoric released an Eremidia series RPG, it’s Eremidia: Dungeon! Skyward Temple. Last but not least game released on 2014 is Senyawa Hidrokarbon, an educational game about Hydrocarbons that runs on mobile.



Some events that we have done at our office are the game development training with trainee from some Vocational Schools and University. We’ve got some trainee from the students of SMK 2 Salatiga and SMK Bagimu Negeriku, Semarang. And also we have trained some students from Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) Salatiga, Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES), Universitas Ciputra (UC) Surabaya, and Universitas Dian Nuswantoro (Udinus) Semarang. They brings so many stories and spirits for us.

Our guardians from many places met in an event held at Udinus Semarang, follow the Global Game Jam 2014 with three of our guardians, and follow some events like Bengkel Gamelan in Yogyakarta. We also follow some exhibitions at UKSW, Semarang and the latest is Toys and Games Republic 2014, at Trans Studio Mall (TSM) Bandung.


In 2014, the awards come for two of our games at the last three months of 2014, they are:

  1. Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender as Baidu Top 10 Local Apps at Start Up Asia 2014 
  2. Eremidia: Dungeon! as Citizen Choice at Game Development Gathering 2014


Reflection and Wishes

We knew that we made a low progress for some of our exposured games, we ask for apology if we made you wait for so long. We’ll do our best to finish those games. We want to do more to let our games become better in quality and quantity, because we knew that we are not push to our most powerful ability on 2014.

As one of the game studios in Indonesia, we thank God that we’re still stand up until now. However, we won’t it stuck like this in 2015. We want to go and run further than 2014. We wish that our games can have better quality and also better exposure than before. We prepare Renegade Death and also Enthrean Radiance with our deepest heart. Wish this game can be released on 2015 and can touch gamer’s heart. Also we want to keep on track in make our games along with our motto “Not only those who would, but also those who could.”

Also, we want to share with more trainees, and have more great time with the guardians. We want to join great event and have fun together. Not forget to keep the happiness for our guardians too. We want to say thanks for all of you who always cheer us up and let our wings spread to soar like an eagle. We wish the best for you and God bless you all in 2015.

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