Eremidia: Dungeon! 04 ~ Version 1.1 is Up!


Dear fellow Enthreans, we want you to know the great update about our game, Eremidia: Dungeon! The release of version 1.1 has came. The update is focused in gameplay balance, performance boost, dungeon enlargement, and some eye-candy additions. In short, v1.1 is the major update and has many changes compared with the previous v1.0. You can download the game by simply visit the Eremidia: Dungeon! page on Enthrean’s site.

Download Eremidia: Dungeon! Version 1.1

Here’s the notes of Riyan Wijaya, the lead developer of this game. Let’s check it out!

The “Ursa Bug” has been fixed in this update, as well with refined battle mechanics—regeneration, slip damage effects, and total look and feel of the sprites. Well, this video will describe some of the new features.

[youtube id=”iNGBUzDc1pg”]

New characters added. In this video, demonstrated four of ten of the newly added characters, and of course they came with their uniqueness, pros and cons. In the video, you’ll find Listed from the top row to bottom:

  • Thuriri Mearue of Arcadia, retained her chain spell from her original game and lots of buffs that even prevents an ally from death itself,
  • Ronald Weber of Darkness of Hope. Interesting character design and packs of skill set that synergized with his buff,
  • Millia Melody, who is an original character of Enthrean Guardian‘s games, everything involved her Phaser and tricks that mostly interesting, noted on her diary book,
  • Satriyaksa of Pendekar Bhumitara, throwing shield and reads enemies’ move hence he could unleash surprising attack and critical strike.

[youtube id=”3gqj7jvHaKM”]

Not only the battle, the menu and in-map features also changed. Look in the menu; there are two additional option: Companion and Craft.


In E:D!1.1, the crafting menu moved from shops into one place that accessible everywhere as long the player can access the menu. Of course, it’s aimed for flexibility and reduce the frequency of returning to the town. Crafting anywhere anytime, but must have the ingredients first.


One more thing considered as major update, now when the player’s party defeated, player can continue his/her game without loading from the last point.


There is Score. This is an experimental feature that records player’s actions represented by numbers. For now, this serves as a value of dungeon-exploring and beating enemies before the party fallen. It’s saved in the .EDLOG file in ‘logs’ directory.

When player choose to try again, player will be sent back to the town, losing 25% of his/her golds and Dimes also the score will be decreased by 10%.

And well, to compensate the suspended opening of the second Dungeon, my friend Dezwil and I made two sub-Dungeon. Namely Whitia Palast Ruins and Howl’s Dungeon. They’re accessible by secret entrance in the main Dungeon, Hazel Ruins. In Whitia Palast Ruins, you’ll find many… books. Yes, books. Books. Books everywhere. Well, this is the Library room of Whitia Palast. What do you expect?

While in Howl’s dungeon, we’d decided to put more clutters and such.


Well, that’s all from me for now. Cheers.

Now, you can download the game for free and enjoy the world of Eremidia: Dungeon! We hope you enjoy to play it very much. Keep in touch with our updates about this game. Enjoy.

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