Eremidia: Dungeon! Got The Citizen Choice Award on GDG 2014!


Dear all fellow Enthreans, after we got the Baidu Top 10 Local Apps for Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender along with Hinocyber at the Start Up Asia Jakarta 2014, now we’ve got more fabulous news What is it? Along with RPGMakerId (RPG Maker Indonesia), we’ve got the Citizen Choice Award for one of our respective games, Eremidia: Dungeon! This title is awarded in the event called GDG (Game Developer Gathering) 2014 at UMN (Universitas Multimedia Nusantara) Serpong, Tangerang on Saturday, December 6th, 2014.

GDG is a non-profit annual event dedicated for the growth of game industry ecosystem in Indonesia and its surrounding regions. The goal of GDG is to create a melting pot for studets, game developers, game publishers, investors, and media to meet, network, collaborate, motivate and innovate. The expectation that through these interactions, GDG could nurture a better ecosystem and accelerate the growth of Indonesia’s game industry.

We have a very interesting report from the creator of Eremidia: Dungeon, Riyan Wijaya or also known as richter_h. Here’s richter_h’s journey log: Game Developers Gathering 2014, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, Gading Serpong, check this one out.

The road trip is kinda tiresome, since the hailstorm and traffic jam awaited me even when I departed from Bandung. Reaching the hotel was another story, because the distance between my drop point and the hotel is insanely far for a backpacker, moreover it was night already and rain was still pouring…

Let me skip the road trip to the hotel for the main event.

Arrived at the event place along with Playlian playdudes, I set up the Eremidia Circle booth which is in near of the edge of the showcase room along with the philosophical people of Pabrik Amatir (who brought their game, Universo, and surprisingly Tian of Monkey Melody was coming, too) and wltr3565 along with his friend brought their Nusakana into the showcase. Too bad, the bro of Nusakana, numfanklewhat, wasn’t coming that time…


The parallel sessions were interesting even till the end of the event. Many of the attendees told what they’ve got after attending the classes—ranging from the seminar from various local game studios (Toge, Chocoarts, Touchten, Digital Happiness, Mintsphere and Agate came into my mind), sharing session from 30 speakers, even those attended Design 2 class (which Ms./Mrs. Manami Matsumae came to share her experiences in Game Music) enjoyed the ‘solo concert’ of her. Too bad, I couldn’t leave Eremidia Circle booth alone so I didn’t attend any of the classes available. So sad, too bad…

From 30 game studios that showcased their works, I only came to Stellar-Ø’s, Playlian’s, G.U.I.L.D.’s Pabrik Amatir’s and Namaapa’s booths as I’ve said before, I can’t simply leave Eremidia Circle booth alone. Their games—not only those mentioned before—are impressive, indeed, but I can’t try them all. Once again, too bad…

Now I’ll tell some stories about people who played Eremidia: Dungeon!, the game I behalf the RPGMakerID members and Enthrean Guardian showcased. The mixture of action and strategy in classic turn-based RPG game is kinda new for most people, new players and veterans alike. Some were interested into the story, while the others are interested in the battle phase of the game. Fifteen minutes of intro and prologue was overkill, though. Vast amount of characters also attracted some attendees, but not that attracted if compared with the RPGMakerID forum members. Guess by now, people will know the characters brought by Eremidia: Dungeon!…


There’s one more thing before the closing ceremony. It was a surprise that Eremidia: Dungeon! won GDG2014 Citizen Choice award. I knew that the project’s concept was written at mid-2012 and its first build was deployed at mid-2013 as a small project, but I didn’t realize the fanbase of this first Eremidia-based project has grown so much till people are talking about the Eremidia project or it wins an award.

All thanks to you all who support Eremidia: Dungeon! since it was a tiny and only-for-fun project till it becomes like we have now. Without you, the project and I are nothing. *manly tears* I didn’t see that coming. *manly tears* After all, it was a huge, maybe the greatest event of this year I’ve attended. It was an exciting, impressive and unexpectable event where even people who are separated by distance could meet
each other, share their impressive thoughts and works, and have fun together.

Came back to Bandung with lots of experience and an unexpectable reward, I definitely will look forward to the Game Developers Gathering 2015 next year. By the sky, the moon and the stars in the night, I hope we may meet each other (again) at the next event.

Here’s some links that tell about the award that Eremidia: Dungeon! got:

This is encouraging us very much, to be better studio and develop better games next year. 2015, Enthrean coming to the universe of gaming deeper more! Cheers!

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