Eremidia: Dungeon! Got Runner Up in OMEGA Award!

Dear fellow Enthreans, We’d like to announce you a great news, one of our game, Eremidia: Dungeon! become runner up of OMEGA Award, for Local Games Award in PC Games Category. You can found it in OMEGA vol. 122 that is published on January, 2014. We are so amazed with this news. We hope this year we can bring more enjoyment into your house.


We are really proud of this achievement and respect Riyan Wijaya, the project leader of Eremidia: Dungeon! and to all who help and support Eremidia: Dungeon!

If you want to play Eremidia: Dungeon! Visit here: Don’t forget to download the latest version of Eremidia: Dungeon! If you found some bugs or glitch, please report them to us.

Keep on touch with us. Cheers.

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