Eremidia: Dungeon! Skyward Temple 01 ~ Another Story from Eremidia

Dear all fellow Enthreans, we’d like to inform you about a spin off game of Eremidia: Dungeon! which was developed by Riyan Wijaya or famous as richter_h. Now, Tio Allin Subiantoro who known as TheoAllen or Theodoric develop this great game. So, Enthrean Guardian and RPG Maker Indonesia Community once more present an Eremidia game called Eremidia: Dungeon! Skyward Temple.

This is a simple short story about three young people who bravely explore an unexplored ruin called the “Skyward Temple”. It is an abandoned temple known well as the Temple of the Dragons, and is located in the Eastern Realm of Eremidia. In order to capture the high-value artifact “Skyglyph”, our party recklessly enters the temple. Can you help them retrieve the Skyglyph?

If you have ever played Eremidia: Dungeon!, this game has very many similarities, such as: flame encounters; limited visibility; enemy naming; accessory naming. The location is not the exact same place, but the story is still based in the same continent. This game is made by using an authoring tool called RPG Maker VX Ace.

The Main Characters of this game are: Soleil Alfred (Soleil), a Spellblade / Solar Blade (Melee & Damage Dealer) boy who experienced in dungeon raider. He’s Very interested in exploration or battle. Often reckless to do something. His nature is tipically a main hero of the story. Such as, brave, sometimes naive, and almost doesn’t fear anything. Cornelia Stella (Stella), a Markswoman or Star Gunslinger (Ranged & Area Damage) girl. She is a self-proclaimed master of markswoman. Ironically, her speed is better than her accuracy. She doesn’t have any experience in raiding dungeons yet. Sometimes, she always fight with Soleil just because a little thing. And the last one is Emille Lunar (Lunar), who known as a Sorcerer / Silvermoon Mage (Magics & Healer/Support). Lunar is an adept sorcerer from Runica Academy. Has a wide knowledge about magics and history. He was the first time who wanted to take Skyglyph. Until he met his companions in his journey.


  • Sideview Battle System – This isn’t the Tankentai system, nor Victor, nor is it Symphony or any other systems that currently exist made by other people. I built this custom system myself from scratch, and it is comparable to other famous animated battle system scripts out there.
  • Free Turn Battles – The actor will instantly act as you execute commands.
  • Dynamic Victory Aftermath – Victory quotes are based on certain prerequisite conditions.
  • Limited Visibility – Lighting effects that add the atmosphere of a dungeon crawler.
  • Explore the dungeon from Levels ((1-1)) >> ((5-3))
  • Fight the boss on each floor!
  • Discover hidden accessories!
  • Bestiary menu – See monster weaknesses and statistics!
  • Statistics menu – Display your overall progression in the game!
  • Skill Cooldown – Restricts the ability to execute the same skill twice!
  • Action Points (AP) instead of MP. Don’t be worried to ever run out of MP!
  • Fast Paced Battles — Enemies will deal huge damages, but you will also have the ability to heal your characters quickly!
  • Encounter unique enemies — Each enemy has its very own pattern and weakness!

This game is still on progress. TheoAllen will give us updates about this game soon. So, keep in touch with us. Cheers.

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