BITEC ~ Edu Game

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Mouse left click:  to confirm the action and click the toolbox

Mouse drag: to choose the tools and drag it to the problem

bitec-game-0Platform: Web

Publisher: Enthrean Guardian


Released Date: June, 16th 2014

Engine: Flash


BITEC ~ Edu Game provides several house problems to be solved by various BITEC tools. In the first level, we only have to choose one tool, while in second level, we should choose two kinds of tools to fix the problem and the last level needs three kinds of tools. This game is educating us what tools can be used to solve a problem. So, if you have known the tools to be used, you can overcome this game easily.

Contributing Staffs:

  • Jasson Prestiliano
  • Wirawan Istiono
  • Vincensius Suriantoso
  • Andika Priyandana


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