Eternal Grace Episode 1

Platform: PC

Publisher: Sumber Alam and Awi IT Pro


Released Date: May, 12th 2011

Engine:RPG Maker XP



Eternal Grace Episode 1 is a classical offline RPG game which puts its power in the storyline, interesting characters and their interactions, challenging tactical action battles, and addictive card mini game. The story goes around Razh, a mercenary, and Millia, a special agent, on their mission to prevent the world Enthrea from a collapse caused by a previous war. Razh, in the need of money, accepted Millia’s plead to help her achieve more people to join the movement to save Enthrea. Along their journey they meet a lot of interesting characters, interact with them, and solve puzzles. Combined with their complex yet touching relationship, added with various external factors while trying to gather more people to join their mission, the storyline emerges to a situation where everyone would say: I want to know what happened next.


Download Eternal Grace Episode 1 for 32 Bit Computer

Download Eternal Grace Episode 1 for 64 Bit Computer

How to Buy:

Only US $ 4.90!!

If you like our game, and want to finish your quest, you can help supporting us developing the next episode of Eternal Grace, with more unique characters and twisting storyline. When you have installed the copy of Eternal Grace, you’ll get this.

You can try the game for free by selecting Play Trial button, it doesn’t need any activation key. When you want to continue the game after the end of the trial period, please do the payment via Paypal by clicking the Purchase Now button below and email the serial number to and you will get your personal activation key within the next hours.


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Quotes and Reviews:


“You can tell that it has been crafted with such love and care that is not always found in most games of present.” – Tom Notarnicola (Invision Community)

“Fresh from our neighbouring Indonesia comes this surprisingly pleasant-looking JRPG, complete with all the bells and whistles required of the genre.” – Cassandra Khaw (TKNation)

“I really recommend you to play this game, you won’t regret after playing this game.” – Reyvateilia

“Eternal Grace, a commercial RPG Maker game featuring vivid graphics and an intuitive ABS with various cool features.” – Cozziekuns (

Bahasa Indonesia:

“Developer Indonesia juga mampu untuk membuat game RPG yang cukup berkelas.” – Febriyanto Nur Anwari (

“Jelas, game ini punya potensi. Dan masih banyak ruang tersisa untuk dikembangkan dan diperbaiki.” – Sidharta Firmansyah Rasidi (

“Spektakuler. Kami hanya bisa mengacungkan jempol atas kemampuan tim Enthrean Guardian untuk menciptakan game action RPG yang memiliki kualitas yang tidak kalah dengan game RPG di luar sana.” – Vincent (Klik Game)

“Dengan memperhitungkan seluruh kelebihan dan kekurangannya, Eternal Grace: Episode 1 is a decent game even by professional developers’ standards” – Ines (Protes Bacok)

“Dari mimpi yang sederhana untuk membuat RPG , Eternal Grace lahir setelah melalui banyak perjuangan, sebab sesuatu yang biasa, bila dikerjakan dengan sepenuh hati akan menjadi luar biasa.” – Franova (Indonesia Berprestasi)

Contributing Staffs:

  • Jasson Prestiliano
  • Lazcht
  • Clea Leshlick
  • Samuel Setiawan
  • Regiana Prasetya
  • Jason Vendy
  • Hilman Munadi



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