Eternal Symphony

 Mobile (Android)

Publisher: Enthrean Guardian

Released Date: August 13th, 2015

Download for Free:



As a member of Rhythm of Light (RyOL), you should lead the bands of great soldiers to banish evil spirits that haunt people. Music is your key to banish those horde of evil spirits, so train your sense of rhythm to strengthen the chosen member through the morale uplifting musics. Enjoy the musics and fights the evil spirits!


  • Enjoy many beautiful and uplifting musics and learn the beat pattern to master the stage.’
  • Challenging stages that needs good strategy and rhythm skills.
  • Several unique members could be chosen to banish the evil spirits for each stage.
  • Collects Kelos to Upgrade your soldiers into stronger form and power.
  • Follow the epic story of RyOL in order to banish evil spirits from all over the world!

Contributing Staffs:

  • Bramantyo Arie Setiawan
  • Payoma Kusuma
  • Danang Eli Santosa
  • Meiky William Wungkana
  • Febrian Prayoga
  • Raymond Christian Andersen
  • Jasson Prestiliano


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