1024 2 Platform: Mobile

 Publisher: Agate Jogja, Amagine Interactive, Creacle Studio, Enthrean Guardian

 Play On: 

 Released Date: July 6th, 2014


The game is named “MbakTin”. This game is made accidentally by four people from four different game studios. They are Frida Dwi (Artist) from Agate Jogja, Gathot Fajar (Programmer) from Creacle Studio, Dennis Adriansyah Ganda (Designer) from Amagine Interactive, dan Jasson Prestiliano (Sound Composer) from Enthrean Guardian. We are joined in GameLan Jogja, a communityof game developers in Yogyakarta and Central Java, Indonesia.

Mbaktin is inspired from mangosteen skin meme that is trending in social media especially Indonesia. We use this moment to provide mangosteen skin not to annoy everyone anymore but to provide a fun and enjoyful game.  We have a tagline: “MbakTin, goood…”

How To Play:

Mbaktin has simple game play. You should tap the screen on the mangosteen in a set of time. If the mangosteen has number 1, you only tap it once, if it has number 2, you should tap it twice and so on. Be careful, if you tap it outside the mangosteen, you’ll be given a time penalty. Be the fastest tapper and get the best score to be shared to social media or to be shown in the leaderboard.

Contributing Staffs:

  • Frida Dwi Iswantoro
  • Ghatot Fajar
  • Dennis Adriansyah Ganda
  • Jasson Prestiliano



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