Nguri Budaya 2

mainMenuPlatform: Android

Publisher: Enthrean Guardian

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Released Date: April 7th, 2015

QR Code: 

QRCode Nguri Budaya 2


Nguri Budaya 2 is a quiz game about Indonesian Culture. There are four categories of quizzes that you can play. They are: National Heroes, Historical Building, Indonesian Folk Songs and Ethnic Clothes. Each categories has 9 questions.

How to Play:

Carrying the same spirit with the former Nguri Budaya, Nguri Budaya 2 brings faster and more competitive game. The question will be provided randomly, so the gamer could get different questions each time they play the same category. Each session will provide four options. Gamer should choose the right option by tapping it before the time is up.  In this first release of Nguri Budaya 2, this game has four categories, they are: National Heroes, History Building, Folk Song and Ethnic Clothes. In the future the category will be updated.  This game is provided in Bahasa Indonesia.

Nguri Budaya 2 also has some hints. The hints cost the credits that gamer collected by answering the question correctly. Those hints are 50:50 (cost 50 credits), Show Me The Right (cost 150 credits) and Additional Time (cost 100 credits).

Contributing Staffs:

  • Jasson Prestiliano
  • Bramantyo Ari Setiawan
  • Alvin Meko
  • Septian Dwi Cahyo
  • Nino Alfian
  • Fabianus Bayu
  • Niken Pratiwi


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