Nguri Budaya

4Platform: Android

Publisher: Enthrean Guardian

Play On:

Released Date: September 17th, 2013


Nguri Budaya is a cultural education game about Indonesia. For now, it consist of three categories of quizzes that you can play. They are: National Heroes, Historical Building and Indonesian Folk Songs. Each categories has 9 questions.

How to Play:

You can choose one of the categories, and then choose the envelopes that has the quiz. You can get the question by tapping the “Acak” button, so the question will be randomly taken. The countdown time will start ticking. Answer the question and tap the “Cek” button. If you answer it right, we’ll get some “kredit” points depends on the time remaining. But what if  you don’t know anything about them? Don’t worry, there will be hints to help you progress in this game when you’re frustrated answering the questions. However, hints will reduce your “kredit”.  If you’ve run out your “kredit” points, you can’t use any hints anymore.

Contributing Staffs:

  • Jasson Prestiliano
  • Bramantyo Ari Setiawan
  • Alvin Meko
  • Septian Dwi Cahyo
  • Nino Alfian
  • Fabianus Bayu
  • Niken Pratiwi


4 Responses to Nguri Budaya

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