Ninja Hand Seals Puzzles

screenshot03-select_elementPlatform: Android

Publisher: Enthrean Guardian

Play On:

Released Date: September 28th, 2013


Ninja Handseals is a memory game where you should memorize the sets of hand seal to make the right ninja’s style.

How to Play:

You can choose 6 elements of ninja’s style, there are Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning and Special. Then you can choose the name of style, and then you’ll be given the sets of hand seals to be memorized in a range of time. The amount of hand seals that should be memorized are depends on the style you choose. After that, there are 12 set of hand seals that should be arranged within the time limit. They are Bird, Boar, Dog, Dragon, Hare, Horse, Monkey, Ox, Ram, Rat, Serpent and Tiger. You can get the achievement as the Master of styles if you can memorize all of the styles very well.

Contributing Staffs:

  • Jasson Prestiliano
  • Erik J.R. Samkay


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