Rimid: Bugs Army

Title screen Platform: PC

 Publisher: Enthrean Guardian

 Released Date: July 22th, 2014

 Engine: Game Maker 8

 Operating System: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7 (Win 8 is not supported)

 Download Demo:

Rimid: Bugs Army Demo

Download Full Game:

Rimid: Bugs Army Full Game

Want to play full version? (5 stages and 3 extra stages with complete achievements system), buy it:

IDR 45,000.oo it’s only IDR 15,000.00

USD 4.49 it’s only USD 1.49

How to buy it:

1. Download the Rimid: Bugs Army Full Game, extract it and install it to your computer.

2. Pay with:

a. Paypal (US Dollar) admin@enthrean.com or

b. Bank Transfer (Indonesian Rupiah) BCA Cab. Salatiga 0130656692 beneficiary name: JASSON PRESTILIANO

3. Email to admin@enthrean.com your transaction screenshot give it subject “Buy RIMID” and we’ll send you the KEY for the full game (approximately 1-2 work day)

You can ask anything via the same email.

Video Game Play:

[youtube id=”y3EhFuwiOqE”]


Rimid is cute girl with Frog costume who live in bugs world. A frog who live a peaceful life with bugs is rare isn’t it? But, everything changed when a bug start to play prank and disturb her. All of these happen because of a little misunderstanding which make Rimid and her bugs friend had a fight. So in order to fix anything, you should help Rimid to punish those bad bugs with her bubble attack.


  • Cute main character and bosses in a simple and fun storyline
  • Many types of Bubble weapon and it will be unlocked more each level
  • Many Achievement to be unlocked
  • Challenging Mission let you think before act
  • Meet many Bugs with their uniqueness

Contributing Staffs:

  • Tanaka Bayu Mukti
  • Febrian Prayoga
  • Jasson Prestiliano


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