SOFRA Fixfit

Platform: Web

Publisher: Bigfishgames

Play Sites:

Released Date: July, 4th 2012

Engine: Flash


What is SOFRA’s Fixfit?

  • A puzzle game that using physics knowledge to solve.
  • The objective is to let the green ball and brown ball collide each other.
  • 50 Stages of puzzle to solve
  • Every 10 stages, player will be provided a password to proceed directly to another sets of stages.
  • Player can select level to solve directly.
  • There are several different gameplays.

First Gameplay:

  • Player should make the main ball in the red area before clicking “Fit” button.
  • Player can also click the green bar to let the ball flow as the gravity.

Second Gameplay:

  • Player should click “fit” button first
  • Player can make up to 5 main ball that will floating to the upper side.
  • The green or brown ball should not touch the pink bar.

Third Gameplay:

  • Player should click “fit” button first
  • The green or brown ball should not touch the pink bar.
  • Player can click the “astronaut” continuously to let the astronaut touch the green or brown ball
Gameplay Video:


Contributing Staffs:

  • Jasson Prestiliano
  • Indrayasa Nandhiwardhana
  • Wisnu Wijaya
  • Lazcht


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