Yamaha ~ Safe On The Road


Platform: PC,  Web, Android Mobile

Publisher: Yamaha Motor Indonesia

Supported by: Games One

Released Date: October, 5th 2013

Engine: Adobe Air


Play The Game:

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Game Download Link:

Web (Flash Format): Yamaha ~ Safe On The Road (SWF)

Windows/Desktop: Yamaha ~ Safe On The Road (EXE)

Android: Yamaha ~ Safe On The Road (APK)


Yamaha ~ Safe on The Road is created for educate children to stay safe on the road. The story is about Piter (taken from Yamaha Jupiter) and Mia (taken from Yamaha Mio) that should cross the road in order to reach their destination. But they should be careful to cross the road. This game educate children to watch whether the road is crowded or not before they cross the road.

Yamaha ~ Safe on The Road consist of 3 stages of games that has 5 levels each. The first stage is cross the road without traffic light. Second stage is cross the road with traffic light. Third stage is brake the bicycle and then cross the road within a bicycle. There’s a bonus stage where Piter and Mia’s father take the vegetables that are spread on the road by using one of Yamaha motorcycle.

How to Play:

To play the game, you should watch left and right by using arrow keys. And clik “Go” button to go cross the road. If you succeeded to cross the road, the next level will be unlocked. You’ll get the stars according to the life remains. If you crashed by a car, you should start all over again and lose a life. When your lives are run out, the game is over.

Contributing Staffs:

  • Jasson Prestiliano
  • Andrew Julius Sutresno
  • Stevanus Setyawan Syarif Chaidir
  • Natanael Edoni Chandra
  • Tjan, Adrian
  • Yoshua Rudy Arny
  • Aji Suryawan


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