Global Game Jam 2015 Jogja Fun Facts


Dear all fellow Enthreans, as you’ve known, some of our Guardians we were joined in Global Game Jam 2014 at Yogyakarta or Jogja, Indonesia. The venue is in Jogja Digital Valley (JDV) Yogyakarta. We got so many great experiences and full of happiness there. We want to share about many fun facts of the Global Game Jam 2015 at Jogja. Let’s starts.

  • Total participants of the Global Game Jam 2015 Jogja : 34 people (33 males, only one female…)
  • 8 games – 8 teams, everything is digital, this year there’s not any table top games made in Jogja
  • The farthest participant is come from Banjarbaru, Kalimantan (Borneo), and the one and only female participant, also, she’s one of Enthrean Guardians.
  • Other places that comes to Jogja are Solo and Salatiga, four of Enthrean Guardians come from Salatiga.
  • 50% of participants is the firs timer of their experience in Game Jam.
  • The amount of artists are balanced with the amount of programmers, so, many teams can be formed. Also, there are 3 music composers who collaborated with several teams at once. Two of the composers are Enthrean Guardians.
  • Favourite tools of  : Unity3D, Construct2
  • The afterparty pizza needs two full hours to be delivered and eaten up by the participants in only 10 minutes.
  • Favourite  area is TV+XBox area, when the meal time, many participants going there like they want to watch cinema. At night, they play four players game and get some laugh together.


In Jogja, sharing sessions are presented by four speakers: Aulia Faqih (Intel Indonesia) who discuss about RealSense technology from Intel, Jasson Prestiliano (Music Composer of Entrean Guardian) who discuss about game audio, Oscar Paskaruniawan (Lead Game Designer of Gameloft Indonesia) who discuss about membahas game design, and Vania Marita (2D Artist of Boomzap Entertainment) who discuss about game art.


After 48 hours of game developing, you can check all of the games made by clicking this link: and you can check some of their reviews in Bahasa Indonesia here:


You can also check the documentations pictures here: Many of the pictures can tell you long and funny story.

You can also get  great news about Global Game Jam 2015 at Jogja here:

Also a reel of musics made by one of our composers for 6 games could be listened here:

Not to forget, we have a super wonderful and ultra fabulous yell “GGJ Jogja Wapeekkk!!!”

Thank you for all committees, sponsors and also media partners that let the event runs very well and become joyful and happiness to each participants. Can’t wait for another Global Game Jam. How about your Global Game Jam story?


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