Let’s Join Global Game Jam 2015!


Dear all fellow Enthreans, we want to announce you something special to begin this year. Its here again! Global Game Jam 2015! We are excited to announce that we will join this even together with Jogja Developers at Jogja Digital Valley on Friday 23th January 2015 until 25th January 2015.

Excited to join us at Yogyakarta too? Register here immediately: http://jgj48.tumblr.com/ and don’t forget to register here too http://www.globalgamejam.org/ so your name will be exist globally as one of global game jam game developers. And also you can browse over the sites to know more about Global Game Jam. Hurry up! The registration will be closed on January 19th 2015.


Well for you who don’t know, Global Game Jam is a World Wide Annual game development jam event for Game Developers around the world to make a game or two in just 48 hours. Besides the development itself, here you can also know other developers, share your idea, and of course make friends!

Beside Yogyakarta, there are also some cities in Indonesia that will held the global game jam 2015. Perhaps, fellow Enthreans could join one of the closest place from where you live. Let’s check them out:

Don’t miss it, we’ll wait for you on site. Cheers.

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