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Enthrean in Game Developer Gathering 2015 Yogyakarta

Cover Enthrean GDG

Dear all fellow Enthreans. Here we are in Game Developer Gathering (GDG) 2015 Yogyakarta. We are so happy that we will meet with you in GDG 2015 at Atma Jaya University, Yogyakarta. Enthrean got a booth and we bring our upcoming sidescrolling game, Renegade Death to be played by the visitors.

Nguri Budaya 2 ~ Know Indonesian Culture Deeper More


Dear all fellow Enthreans. Let we tell you a great news, Nguri Budaya 2 now is released on Android. Click this link to download and play Nguri Budaya 2 for free:  http://enthrean.com/games/nguri-budaya-2/ or by scanning this QR Code:

QRCode Nguri Budaya 2

After the first Nguri Budaya is released on 2013 can be downloaded here: http://enthrean.com/games/nguri-budaya/ This game also have been covered by Liputan 6 SCTV and Seputar Indonesia RCTI. Most of the gamer give us feedbacks about the game play to be faster and easier by giving options better than typing the answers, and also need more culture categories for the game.

Enthrean as the Facilitator at Game Development Training in Semarang


Dear all fellow Enthreans. We had a great experience in Semarang, Central Java and we like to share it. We were invited by Dinas Perindustrian dan Perdagangan Provinsi Jateng (Department of Industry and Trade of Central Java) to share about game development and to train the participants how to make a good game with Unity in six days from March 23rd until 28th, 2015. Most of the participants in the event are students from universities around Semarang. Although most of the participants are new to game development, but we had great time learning together and have some fun too, of course. Check out our daily report below.