Renegade Death 03 ~ Upgrades and Updates


Dear all fellow Enthreans, long time we didn’t talk about our upcoming game, Renegade Death here. We are doing so many upgrades and updates. You can follow the updates of this game regularly at Renegade Death Official Fan’s Page. However, many questions threw to us about what happen with Renegade Death. So, we decide to let you know about the upgrades and updates about our lovely Renegade Death that is become our collaboration with Hinocyber. Take your deep breath and let’s we begin the journey…

Engine and Mechanism Upgrades

As we have the first and second demo of Renegade Death, our programmer, Yogie Aditya, feels the performance of the game is too slow and the size is too big. So many upgrades and optimization is made by him although we keep in our engine, Unity. Also, Jasson Prestiliano, the game designer along with Yogie Aditya and Yossy Firstia try to make stronger design of the game. Many things are changed in order to make better user experience, also a deeper game play but still a gamer friendly one. The rise of Unity 5 made us decide to migrate from Unity 4 to Unity 5 and made us can use all the new technologies of Unity 5.


Leina’s Design and Sprites

First we decide to change Leina’s costume. As the main character, Leina will be watched almost everytime. The old costume feel too black and white, so we feel that we don’t have many memorable things about her. After compare her to her sisters that has different color, we think that we should give an initial color to Leina. After several discussion with the character designer, we decide to add red in her costume. The character designer, Yossy Firstia also changed the costume design and you can see the result at the picture below.


This design change has the influence to the sprites we made. The old sprites made by Hafidz Faikar should be replaced by the new one. The new Leina’s sprite animations are made by Regiana Prasetya. You can see the difference by watching the example below.

Old Leina’s sprite animation –> New Leina’s sprite animation


Stage Screen

In this part, so many upgrades and updates are made. Starts from the background, camera until the Graphical User Interface (GUI) also become the target of upgrades. Yossy Firstia work very hard to provide the best background and foreground maps, while Regiana Prasetya is responsible for the GUI. Don’t forget Yogie Aditya who made the special effect and also the lighting and all of the screen cosmetics. Also, Novel Varius Rizal is the one who creates the monsters sprites to be Leina’s opponents. You can see the change step by step below.RD-Screen-Updates

We also prepared some videos to be watched, and in every video that will you see, you’ll see there’s so many changes that we made. We did it to make Renegade Death got better and better.

Old Trailer, shows the old stages design and also screens

A sneak peek about the first attempt to upgrade Renegade Death

A test that also show the current screen of Renegade Death

Music and Voice Acting

The music composer, Jasson Prestiliano, improved the musical scores and also the music quality of Renegade Death. You can hear it within the Old Trailer video and the latest Test video that we provide before. And you can hear the beautiful score of Renegade Death’s theme song below.

The voice acting is also updated. You can find the difference by watching the old trailer video and the latest test of Renegade Death. We decide to cooperate with Dubbing and Friends to find the voice acting talents from our country. After a several weeks of talent scouting and also online open casting for Renegade Death’s voice actor and actress, we decided to give the role of Renegade Death’s voice to them as we listed below.


The Comics

We also changed the comics. The comics will be done by Erik Senopati, a talented comic artist in our country. First, the comic will tell you about the story of Renegade Death. After several discussion, the story will be told by using cut scene and visual novels. So, we need to change the role of Renegade Death’s comic. We decided to put the side story within the comics. So, you will know more about the world and the character of Renegade Death by collecting the comic page in the game. Below is a little teaser for the comic itself.


Phew, may be that’s all for now, although so many upgrades and updates that we can’t mention one by one. However we did all to make better Renegade Death than before. We listened to your inputs via our fan’s page or also some demo event like at Toys and Games Revolution 2014 ago. We’ll keep you informed about what we do with Renegade Death. Keep in touch with us.


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