RIMID 01 ~ A Tale of A Frog Girl


Title screen

Dear all fellow Enthreans, do you like Shooting Game? Like Action Game? Like Survival Game or…. you like all of them? Well, looks like our upcoming game suit you well… Rimid: Bugs Army. This game is developed by one of our guardians, Tanaka Bayu Mukti, or also known as Flareia, helped by some people from RPG Maker Indonesia and a fresh and rising game music composer, Febrian Prayoga. This game is in the last stage of development now, so we can expect to play this game fully by the end of this month.

Rimid is cute girl with Frog costume who live in bugs world. A frog who live a peaceful life with bugs is rare isn’t it? But, everything changed when a bug start to play prank and disturb her. All of these happen because of a little misunderstanding which make Rimid and her bugs friend had a fight. So in order to fix anything, you should help Rimid to punish those bad bugs with her bubble attack.

If you want to know more about Rimid, you can start by liking her facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/rimidchan


This game is a PC game that runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. Unfortunately, because of the constraints of the Engine, Game Maker 8.1, it’s not compatible very well in Windows 8. The game will be default in resolution 320×240, but you can switch it into full screen easily.

Here are some features of Rimid: Bugs Army

  • Cute main character and bosses in a simple and fun storyline
  • Many types of Bubble weapon and it will be unlocked more each level
  • Many Achievement to be unlocked
  • Challenging Mission let you think before act
  • Meet many Bugs with their uniqueness

Keep in touch with us, because Rimid will in your house soon enough. Cheers.

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