Senyawa Hidrokarbon is Released on Android!



Dear all fellow Enthreans, we’re proudly present our latest education game, “Senyawa Hidrokarbon” or Hydrocarbons. Senyawa Hidrokarbon is an education game about a specific field of chemist.  The field is about hydrocarbons. You will get the modules and games around Alkane (Alkana), Alkene (Alkena), Alkyne (Alkuna), Naming, Reaction and Isomers. The game itself is based on the Indonesian Hydrocarbons curriculum for Senior High School students.

If you want to know more about this game, simply click here. You can download the game for free by clicking the android Icon below:



You can choose between Modules or Games. In Modules, you will read the modules about Hydrocarbons, then you simply tap next or back if you feel quite understand the modules.



The game will provide you about a sequence of hydrocarbons, you should decide which molecules are suit to each place. Choose between CH3, CH2, CH or C and drag it to the suitable place. Remember to do it arrangedly as the number shows.


Feel free to try, study from it and please drop us some feed back about it. Enjoy.

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