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Enthrean Quiz 1 ~ Get 3 Free Eternal Grace Episode 1 Keys

Dear Fellow Enthreans, we’d like to hold a quiz for you with the prize 3 free Eternal Grace Episode 1 keys. Everyone can follow this quiz by answering simple RPG (Role Playing Game)-related questions accurately and as quick as you can.

For your Information, Eternal Grace is our very first game that runs in PC platform. It’s an RPG with action battle system, filled with emotional element of inter-character relationship, sets in the world that almost being destroyed. Eternal Grace also has  Hexabattle mini game where you can collect Hexacards and battle against AI (Artificial Intelligence) on the game. This card battle game can be as addictive as any other Casual Online Game. However, the RPG side of this game is also thick and deep so you will feel some classical RPG experience while playing this game.

Okay, here are the questions:

Eternal Grace Post Mortem part 01

Dear fellow Enthreans, today we want to share something related to Eternal Grace project. Although we didn’t seem to make progress lately about this title, this game is still our very first game released by us; Enthrean Guardian. We put so much of our time, patience, love, passion into the project, that we hope everyone that play would feel great.

However, the title currently “stopped” at episode 1 at the moment, and we’ll let you know what’s the reason behind it and what are our thoughts as well in this post mortem. Hopefully you will find this article interesting to read, both to our players or fellow game developers.

We will separate the articles into several parts, and now as the first part, we want to share you a long story about how Eternal Grace started from a mere scratch, from a mere high school boy’s dream. So let’s take a deep breath…

Congratulations for The Eternal Grace Quiz Winners!

Eternal Grace Dialogue Screen

Dear fellow Enthreans, our very first game, Eternal Grace Episode 1 has been re-announced by an Indonesian game news site named Atoh. Within this link they review the game and then they make a quiz that will give the winner a free key of Eternal Grace episode 1. You can see the quiz here. In that quiz, the questions are about Eternal Grace and it’s staffs.

We are very happy to announce the winners of the quiz. They are: