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Ninja Hand Seals Puzzles Released on Google Play!

Dear Fellow Enthreans, we are proudly announce a brand new mobile game. This game is a collaboration of Enthrean Guardian crews and students of Faculty of Information Technology at Satya Wacana Christian University. One of these talented student is Erik J.R. Samkay. He made a mobile game based on android titled Ninja Hand Seals Puzzles. You can get this game here:  NINJA HAND SEALS PUZZLES or by visit this page http://enthrean.com/games/ninja-hand-seals/ or search on Google Play with the keyword “Ninja Hand Seals Puzzle”.

Eternal Grace Post Mortem part 01

Dear fellow Enthreans, today we want to share something related to Eternal Grace project. Although we didn’t seem to make progress lately about this title, this game is still our very first game released by us; Enthrean Guardian. We put so much of our time, patience, love, passion into the project, that we hope everyone that play would feel great.

However, the title currently “stopped” at episode 1 at the moment, and we’ll let you know what’s the reason behind it and what are our thoughts as well in this post mortem. Hopefully you will find this article interesting to read, both to our players or fellow game developers.

We will separate the articles into several parts, and now as the first part, we want to share you a long story about how Eternal Grace started from a mere scratch, from a mere high school boy’s dream. So let’s take a deep breath…