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Global Game Jam 2015 Jogja Fun Facts


Dear all fellow Enthreans, as you’ve known, some of our Guardians we were joined in Global Game Jam 2014 at Yogyakarta or Jogja, Indonesia. The venue is in Jogja Digital Valley (JDV) Yogyakarta. We got so many great experiences and full of happiness there. We want to share about many fun facts of the Global Game Jam 2015 at Jogja. Let’s starts.

Let’s Join Global Game Jam 2015!


Dear all fellow Enthreans, we want to announce you something special to begin this year. Its here again! Global Game Jam 2015! We are excited to announce that we will join this even together with Jogja Developers at Jogja Digital Valley on Friday 23th January 2015 until 25th January 2015.

Excited to join us at Yogyakarta too? Register here immediately: http://jgj48.tumblr.com/ and don’t forget to register here too http://www.globalgamejam.org/ so your name will be exist globally as one of global game jam game developers. And also you can browse over the sites to know more about Global Game Jam. Hurry up! The registration will be closed on January 19th 2015.

Enthrean in Global Game Jam 2014


Dear fellow Enthreans, we want to congratulate for all of the participants of Global Game Jam 2014, you’re all great! The Global Game Jam is an annual distributed game jam. Inspired by the Nordic Game Jam, and created by Susan GoldIan Schreiber and Gorm Lai, originally under the International Game Developers Association to bring together the elements of creativity, collaboration and experimentation. At each site, participants gather to develop ideas, form small groups, create new, creative, innovative games, and present them to their peers and the global community, all in a limited time span. This year, Global Game Jam is held on 24 until 26 January, 2014.

In this Global Game Jam, some of Enthrean Guardian’s member have opportunity to help some teams in game fast-developing, especially in Semarang, a city in Central Java, Indonesia. Indonesia also has many other venues that held Global Game Jam 2014 such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Bali and Depok.