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Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender is Released!


Dear fellow Enthreans, we’re proudly announcing that our collaboration game with Hinocyber has been released! Kitaria heroes: Force Bender. Prepare to download it to your mobile device soon. we’re releasing it first in blackberry platform, other platforms are planned.


Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender tells a story of the adventure of a sword magician named elena. she lost her family because of a mysterious dark magician’s deeds. The dark magician also spreads chaos and nightmare to the land. Elena trained hard in order to take revenge and bring back peace to the land. Taste the full action RPG (Role Playing Game) as you wipe out monsters in your journey! Feels the unique action as you play as Elena with her variety of magics and sword techniques! Help Elena defeat the dark magician!

Download Links:

Blackberry (Z3, Z10 and Z30): Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender on BB (FREE downloads!!)

download Kitaria On BB

Other Platforms : coming soon


Eremidia: Dungeon! 04 ~ Version 1.1 is Up!


Dear fellow Enthreans, we want you to know the great update about our game, Eremidia: Dungeon! The release of version 1.1 has came. The update is focused in gameplay balance, performance boost, dungeon enlargement, and some eye-candy additions. In short, v1.1 is the major update and has many changes compared with the previous v1.0. You can download the game by simply visit the Eremidia: Dungeon! page on Enthrean’s site.

Download Eremidia: Dungeon! Version 1.1

Eremidia: Dungeon! 03 ~ Version 1.0RC1 is Coming!



Dear fellow Enthreans, we’d like to announce a great news about one of our upcoming game, Eremidia: Dungeon! Along with the hard work of Riyan Wijaya and team, we’d like to announce the pre-release version of this game. Let we read from his report.

Road to 1.0RC1

After close beta testing a.k.a. deploying 0.9 in local network, Eremidia: Dungeon! now is one step closer to its 1.0 version. However, many things to be done so that’s why it’s labeled as Release Candidate. Suggestions and feedbacks from testers has made the game to be better, cleaner, has slightly better learning curve for new players.