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Renegade Death 03 ~ Upgrades and Updates


Dear all fellow Enthreans, long time we didn’t talk about our upcoming game, Renegade Death here. We are doing so many upgrades and updates. You can follow the updates of this game regularly at Renegade Death Official Fan’s Page. However, many questions threw to us about what happen with Renegade Death. So, we decide to let you know about the upgrades and updates about our lovely Renegade Death that is become our collaboration with Hinocyber. Take your deep breath and let’s we begin the journey…

Two Fan’s Pages were Launched

Dear all fellow Enthreans, we want to announce you about two of our upcoming games’ fan’s page were launched. All of them are the collaboration development with Hinocyber. The first launched fan’s page is Renegade Death, at https://www.facebook.com/renegath and the second one is Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender at https://www.facebook.com/KitariaHeroesForceBender. From now on, we’ll update all of the information about the game there, also we’ll make some quizzes, fan’s arts exhibition, open discussion, trailers, demos and many more there. So, don’t forget to like those fan’s pages and be pro active in any discussion.

To remind you about our game, here’s some brief descriptions about them.

Renegade Death 02 ~ Stage 1 Demo is Released!


Dear Fellow Enthreans, Enthrean Guardian and also Hinocyber would like to announce that our upcoming game, Renegade Death has released its Stage 1 Demo. You can try the very first level of Leina’s adventure.

You can watch the video for the Stage 1 Demo here:

You can try the Stage 1 demo of Renegade Death by downloading this file:

Renegade Death ~ Demo Stage 1 (32.22 MB)