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Nguri Budaya 2 ~ Know Indonesian Culture Deeper More


Dear all fellow Enthreans. Let we tell you a great news, Nguri Budaya 2 now is released on Android. Click this link to download and play Nguri Budaya 2 for free:  http://enthrean.com/games/nguri-budaya-2/ or by scanning this QR Code:

QRCode Nguri Budaya 2

After the first Nguri Budaya is released on 2013 can be downloaded here: http://enthrean.com/games/nguri-budaya/ This game also have been covered by Liputan 6 SCTV and Seputar Indonesia RCTI. Most of the gamer give us feedbacks about the game play to be faster and easier by giving options better than typing the answers, and also need more culture categories for the game.

Senyawa Hidrokarbon is Released on Android!



Dear all fellow Enthreans, we’re proudly present our latest education game, “Senyawa Hidrokarbon” or Hydrocarbons. Senyawa Hidrokarbon is an education game about a specific field of chemist.  The field is about hydrocarbons. You will get the modules and games around Alkane (Alkana), Alkene (Alkena), Alkyne (Alkuna), Naming, Reaction and Isomers. The game itself is based on the Indonesian Hydrocarbons curriculum for Senior High School students.

If you want to know more about this game, simply click here. You can download the game for free by clicking the android Icon below:



Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender Now on Android!

kitaria-android Dear all fellow Enthreans, we have a great news to be announced. Our great game, Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender now has been released for Android platform. Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender is an action RPG game developed by Enthrean Guardian and Hinocyber. Beside this Android version, Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender has Blackberry and iOS version. Now, you can also grab and download it for free via google play store by clicking the Android  icon below: Android-icon