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Enthrean in Game Developer Gathering 2015 Yogyakarta

Cover Enthrean GDG

Dear all fellow Enthreans. Here we are in Game Developer Gathering (GDG) 2015 Yogyakarta. We are so happy that we will meet with you in GDG 2015 at Atma Jaya University, Yogyakarta. Enthrean got a booth and we bring our upcoming sidescrolling game, Renegade Death to be played by the visitors.

Renegade Death 03 ~ Upgrades and Updates


Dear all fellow Enthreans, long time we didn’t talk about our upcoming game, Renegade Death here. We are doing so many upgrades and updates. You can follow the updates of this game regularly at Renegade Death Official Fan’s Page. However, many questions threw to us about what happen with Renegade Death. So, we decide to let you know about the upgrades and updates about our lovely Renegade Death that is become our collaboration with Hinocyber. Take your deep breath and let’s we begin the journey…

Enthrean Coverage for Toys & Game Republic 2014


Stand Enthrean TSM

Dear all fellow Enthreans, we’d like to tell you our story when we participate in Toys & Game Republic 2014, on 19 until 21 of December 2014 at Trans Studio Mall, Bandung. We’ll also announce the Winner of Renegade Death’s Demo Review Competition and Enthrean Radiance’s Demo Review Competition. So, keep up to read until the very last sentence.