Fun Facts ~ Selene and Selina

Selene and Selina

Dear Fellow Enthreans, do you guys remember our Selene and Selina? You should’ve found them while playing our very first game, Eternal Grace. These twins played important role in the game. Both of them has brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Despite their childlike look, actually they’re old enough to be called teenagers.

Selene Andinia Putri, the elder sister. Strong, bossy, and high prided character, she’s the one who always strike through the top. Aside of that, she sometimes show weak and cute side of hers. Her twin tails boasts her cuteness too! She prefers to don  brown attires. Selina Andania Putri, Selene’s younger counterpart. It’s common to see her klutzy and slow. In matters of urgency is where her intelligence come to shine. There’s a certain power that was hidden inside Selina’s body. But it’s not good to spoil it here, right? Her hair is cut short and likes to green attires.

They work at SOFRA (Special Organization For Restorative Action). SOFRA’s goal is to restore planet, Enthrea, so the planet won’t attract space debrises anymore, although of course SOFRA can’t do this alone. Their plan is to deliver their visions via attraction and entertainment, by means using idol to do the singing. Well, knowing Selene and Selina’s cute voices and adorable appearance, SOFRA’s leader recruited the twins for the job. The twins liked it though.

Fun Facts about them:

  • Selina is one and only girl in SOFRA who can sleep while standing.
  • Selene acts as a tactician and well predict many things in the future. Selina acts in tactical mission where it needs quick decision when things go wrong.
  • Albeit they haven’t seen their Great Leader’s face, they admire him.
  • They are currently looking for their lost older brothers.
  • One of the twins is a “brother complex”. Can you guess who is the one?
  • Selene likes to bath and make cute faces in front of mirror as long as she can. On the other side, Selina finishes her bath as soon as she can.
  • The twins really do love ice cream.

Selene and Selina has their Theme Song, and the theme song itself  wields a history. The theme song is the raising theme of one of our composer, Jasson Prestiliano, after he did a serious mistake in composing. Clea Leslick as his tutor helped him to come back as the real game composer.

Dance Of Gemini in SOFRA’s FixFit by Jasson Prestiliano

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